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In today's landscape of rapid innovation, obtaining funding, facilitating collaboration and maintaining reproducible research standards are critical to driving progress. The first AIoTwin Research and Innovation Management Training, organized by RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden), brought together experts to address the various aspects of the dynamic research environment. Participants gained valuable insights and practical strategies to navigate this ever-evolving terrain.

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Hans Hansson : Get funding or die – the survival guide  

Professor Hans Hansson, a distinguished figure in Computer Engineering at Mälardalen University and a former Scientific Leader at RISE Smart Industrial Systems, shared insights garnered from over 30 years of research funding endeavors in his presentation. Drawing from extensive experience in both pursuing funding and evaluating applications, Professor Hansson provided concrete recommendations applicable at both national and international levels. His talk encouraged participant engagement, inviting them to share their own experiences to shape the discussion. Professor Hansson's illustrious academic career, spanning diverse domains including functional safety, cybersecurity, and real-time systems, underscores his expertise and influence in the field. With a robust record of scientific publications and a commitment to online professional education, Professor Hansson's work exemplifies pioneering research and collaborative initiatives aimed at addressing societal challenges.


Johan Linåker : Open Source Software – a lever for Open Science and Collaboration  

During the presentation, Johan Linåker, a researcher affiliated with RISE and Lund University, clarified the significance of open source software (OSS) in fostering open science and collaboration. Linåker explored the legal and collaborative dimensions of OSS, addressing its benefits, challenges, and its pivotal role as a catalyst for Research and Innovation (R&I). By emphasizing its potential to disseminate knowledge and foster sustainable collaboration across R&I projects, Linåker provided attendees with valuable insights into harnessing OSS for impactful research endeavors. Linåker's extensive experience, coupled with his involvement in initiatives like the Network for Open Source and Data (NOSAD), underscores his expertise in promoting the sustainable and value-creating use of OSS and open data by companies and public entities.


Martin Isaksson : A Practical Guide to Reproducible Research: 7 life-changing tricks for Reproducible Research  

In his presentation titled "A Practical Guide to Reproducible Research: 7 Life-Changing Tricks for Reproducible Research", Martin Isaksson addresses the growing concern of reproducibility in scientific research. He delves into the root causes of reproducibility challenges, offering practical strategies to avoid common pitfalls and enhance the replicability of research findings. By equipping researchers with tools to anticipate reproducibility issues, Isaksson highlights the importance of producing reliable results to accelerate scientific advancement. As an Industrial PhD student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research, Isaksson's expertise in deploying and automating Artificial Intelligence functions lends credibility to his insights, making his presentation invaluable for researchers striving to strengthen the integrity of their work.


 Professor Hansson delivering his presentation


Author: Dora Kreković
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