Short term staff exchanges

1. Ivan Čilić - TU Vienna 2023

Ivan Čilić participated in the first short-term staff exchange within the AIoTwin project. The exchange took place from April 15 to June 4 2023 at the Distributed Systems Group (DSG) at TU Vienna.

Through workshops, discussions, and cutting-edge research, Ivan and colleagues from DSG started the collaboration in the area of hierarchical and adaptive federated learning in IoT edge environments. The results of the exchange will be presented in the form of a journal article with the following working title: Adaptive Orchestration of Federated Learning Workflows. The exchange has facilitated the establishment of a close partnership and opens the doors for future joint research tasks.  

In this YouTube video, you can see what a researcher's day at TU Vienna looks like.


2. Dora Kreković - TU Berlin 2024

Dora Kreković recently took part in the second short-term staff exchange as part of the AIoTwin project, hosted by the Open Distributed Systems (ODS) group at TU Berlin from February 5 to April 4, 2024. 

During this period, Dora collaborated closely with colleagues from ODS group, engaging in discussions on cutting-edge research topics, hands-on tutorials and initiating joint work in the area of time series analysis and data reduction in edge environments. The results of this exchange are to be disseminated through a forthcoming journal article, marking a significant step in establishing a close partnership and paving the way for collaborative research efforts.

For those interested in a visual recap of this exchange, a YouTube video documenting highlights and key findings is available online.