The 1st AIoTwin Summer School was a 3-day event held at the historic St. John’s Fortress in Šibenik, Croatia, September 4-7, 2023. The event brought together participants from academia, both renowned experienced researchers and PhD students, to exchange ideas and learn about the latest advances at the intersection of AI and IoT. The summer school was organized by the AIoTwin consortium, a Horizon Europe project that aims to strengthen research and innovation excellence in AIoT in Croatia and other EU Member States. 

Key highlights from the Summer School include: 

  • Keynotes by Petar Šolić on alternative sensing, Danh Le Phuoc on using knowledge graphs to build perceptual IoT systems, Thiemo Voigt on the road to in body and battery-free IoT, and Alexander Artikis on complex event recognition. 
  • Tutorials on LPWA protocols, the IMUNES network emulator for performance evaluation of edge deployments, orchestration aspects in distributed computing continuum systems, decentralized graph mining, successful PhD journey, and proposal writing and evaluation of collaborative Horizon Europe projects. 
  • Hands-on sessions on federated learning for IoT edge devices using a small cluster of Jetson Nano and Xavier devices (specially transported from Berlin to Šibenik!) to jointly train models without sharing raw data, and on the framework for creating high-level Service Level Objectives (SLOs) to enforce them in cloud and edge environments. 
  • PhD poster and pitch session where PhD students presented their research on a variety of innovative topics. 

The event provided a valuable opportunity for participants to network with other experts in the field and to be inspired to pursue careers in AIoTwin research and development. 

The AIoTwin consortium is committed to organizing future summer schools and other events to promote research and innovation in AIoT.

Author: Katarina Mandarić
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