Berlin, Germany - TU Berlin hosted a highly successful and intensive hands-on workshop on Knowledge Graphs, AI Models with VisionKG, and Learning on Edge Devices with Flower from June 20 to June 22, 2023. Participants from UNIZG-FER, TU Vienna, and TU Berlin gained valuable insights into the latest advancements and practical applications of these technologies.

The first day of the workshop focused on Knowledge Graphs and AI Models, featuring sessions that explored VisionKG - a framework utilizing Semantic Web technology to integrate and interlink data from diverse sources.

On the second day, the workshop shifted its focus to Learning on Edge Devices, where participants had the opportunity to delve into Flower, an innovative framework for decentralized machine learning. Through hands-on activities, attendees deepened their understanding of the potential of edge computing for machine learning in real-world scenarios.

The workshop not only enhanced participants' knowledge of these cutting-edge technologies but also ignited a passion for further exploration and innovation in the field of AI and machine learning.

We express our sincere gratitude to TU Berlin for their exceptional organization of the event, ensuring a seamless and successful workshop experience for all participants. Thank you, TU Berlin!


Author: Dora Kreković
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