Hands-on Training - WebAssembly and...

RISE recently organized a highly successful hands-on training tutorial on WebAssembly (Wasm) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the Internet of Things (IoT). The event welcomed participants from UNIZG-FER, TU Berlin, and TU Vienna, highlighting the widespread interest in these cutting-edge technologies.

During the morning session, led by expert Fehmi Ben Abdesslem, attendees delved into the fundamentals of WebAssembly and explored its potential to enable developers to execute high-performance code across diverse platforms. Moreover, the session explored the intersection of AI and IoT, shedding light on how AI algorithms can enhance IoT applications, making them more intelligent and efficient.


In the hands-on tutorial that followed, participants gained practical experience implementing WebAssembly modules and integrating AI functionalities into IoT devices. Guided by experienced instructors and real-world examples, attendees acquired essential skills to effectively leverage these technologies.

The event then transitioned into an afternoon Hackathon, providing participants with the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills in a collaborative setting. Mentors were on hand to offer guidance and support as teams worked towards developing innovative IoT solutions. Overall, the event was a success, fostering learning, collaboration, and innovation in the exciting field of WebAssembly and AI for IoT.

Author: Dora Kreković
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