AIoTwin Project: A Year of Progress...

We're excited to share a recap of our achievements in 2023, a year in which we set out to advance research and innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) through a collaboration between the University of Zagreb - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), Technische Universität Wien (TUW), Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). 

Key Moments: A Year in Review 

  • Kick-off Meeting in January: We launched the project with a dynamic kick-off meeting, setting the course for Y1 of the project. 

  • Short-Term Staff Exchange: Ivan Čilić from FER took part in a short-term staff exchange at TUW, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration. 

  • Public Presentation: Prof. Ivana Podnar Žarko presented the project to a wider audience during the National Information Day of the Horizon Europe Programme in Croatia and presented our vision of AIoT which brings artificial intelligence into our physical environment. 

  • Hands-on Workshop: TUB organized an intensive hands-on workshop on knowledge graphs, AI models with VisionKG, and learning on edge devices with Flower, providing participants with practical insights. 

  • Technical Blog Post: Jicheng Yuan and Duc Manh Nguyen from TUB published their first technical blog post on training AI models with VisionKG, demonstrating our cutting-edge research. 

  • AIoTwin Summer School: We hosted the inaugural AIoTwin Summer School in Šibenik, Croatia, bringing together renowned experts and researchers for a stimulating event with keynote talks, tutorials, hands-on training, and a poster and pitch session for PhD students. 

  • Expert Visit: Lodovico Giaretta from RISE delivered three presentations on Graph Neural Networks and Graph Representation Learning in decentralized environments during an expert visit to FER, further deepening our collaboration. 

  • Croatian Symposium on Artificial Intelligence: Prof. Ivana Podnar Žarko presented the project at the Symposium on AI organized by the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (HAZU), showcasing our contributions to the field of AIoT. 

  • Open Day Demonstration: We presented the AIoTwin project to enthusiastic visitors during the Open Day at FER, generating interest in our work. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in 2024! 

Author: Katarina Mandarić
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