First AIoTwin PhD forum held in Šibenik

The first PhD forum within the scope of the AIoTwin project was held as a part of the 1st AIoTwin Summer School in Šibenik from September 4th to September 7th, 2023. 11 PhD students actively participated and presented their research topics and the results obtained within their doctoral studies through the short pitch-talk presentations. Afterwards, the participants had the opportunity to discuss their research ideas and contributions with other participants and senior researchers from the AIoTwin consortium at the poster session.

The research topics covered by student posters are within the following scientific fields, which are also the main targets of the AIoTwin project:

- Internet of Things (IoT),

- Edge computing,

- Artificial Intelligence (AI), and

- Energy-efficiency of IoT nodes.

After the pitch-talk session, a poster session of the PhD forum was held. Each PhD student had the opportunity to receive feedback on their submissions from our senior researchers participating in the AIoTwin project. Except for these formal revisions from their dedicated reviewers, participants also had the opportunity to discuss their ideas and experiences with other PhD students from different research institutions.

We thank all the participants and hope to see you again in some of the upcoming events within the AIoTwin project to receive updates on your research results and achieved scientific contributions.



Presented abstracts are listed in continuation:

Dalibor Fonović: "Using reactive paradigm with COAP protocol"

Daniel F. Perez-Ramirez: "Machine Learning for Combinatorial Resource Allocation"

Dora Kreković: "Optimizing Data Transfer in IoT: Strategies for Reducing Data Volume"

Duc Manh Nguyen: "Cooperative Sensing with Semantic Stream Processing"

Ivan Čilić: "Runtime Model for Distributed Workload in the Edge-to-Cloud Continuum"

Ivan Kralj: "Collaboration between IoT-devices in Edge Computing hierarchical structure using TinyML in IoT"

Katarina Mandarić: "Negotiation-Enabled Multi-Agent System for Service Provisioning in Multi-User Scenarios"

Marko Križmančić: "Distributed topology control in networked multi-agent systems based on consensus protocol and graph neural networks"

Saptarshi Hazra: "Data-Driven Approaches for Battery-Free IoT Networks"

Shuai Zhu: "On-device Learning for Secure Internet of Things"

Jicheng Yuan: "VisionKG: Unified Access for Integrated Visual Datasets"

Author: Petar Krivić
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